10 ways to get over a breakup

10 ways to get over a breakup

Breakups can be daunting! They have the ability to shake your very foundation that could hamper your confidence.

If you have broken up or you are the one who has been dumped, there is always some guilt or the very real pain of rejection that shatters you breaking into pieces. It is important to hold an optimistic approach to focus on a new and improved future.

The important part is to get into a healthy state of mind so that you can feel confident about yourself again. Here are some ways to get over a breakup.

Restructure your Self-Esteem

It is very important to focus on what really holds value in your life! A breakup can lead to the feeling of low self-esteem questioning the abilities, skillsets and strengths of an individual. Although, it might sound difficult initially but this is the time to pull your pieces together and work towards restructuring your self-esteem.

Do not fall for Rebound

Rebound is always a temporary fix! It is nothing more than an illusionary bubble that eventually wears off and leaves nothing behind but guilt and remorse. It might seem exciting in the beginning but is nothing but another way to ignore your feeling of hurt. The first step to get over a breakup is to acknowledge your feeling.

Say no to Social media

This is the exact time when you should get off social media! Limit your internet usage even if you have the urge to be active online. In the meantime, focus on meeting your friends and family and spend as much personal time as you can.

Let go of closure

There could be zillions of devastating reasons for your breakup to be a dramatic one. Many of us have the idea of closure that does not let anyone take a deep breath and move forward. The best thing to do is to accept the reality as it is and let the desperate need for closure go. This constant need for closure is nothing but the desire to get back together.

Allow yourself the time to grieve

Accepting the breakup is very important! Most of us live in denial and do not permit ourselves sufficient time to grieve. You lose a big part of your life when you break up with someone and ignorance to these feelings can lead to some major problems in the long run. Take your time to be sad and get over it.

Read a good book

Lose yourself in a good book to escape out of your misery! It is a great habit to read and you never know when would you actually strike up a conversation about the page-turner in your hands. Keep one in your bag.


If you have never had a fitness regimen in life; now is the time! Working out helps your body get a shot of mood-lifting endorphins and serotonin.

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