How to survive a long-haul flight

How to survive a long-haul flight

A long-haul flight can be a nightmare without apt preparation!

Spending a whole lot of hours in an aircraft cabin might sound like your worst nightmare, but you can turn this long-haul into a dream with a little preparation and a few self-comfort prep work.

Here are some tips to survive a long-haul flight.

Pick comfortable clothes

Pick an outfit that you can wear happily while sitting on a plane for ten straight hours. Wearing multiple loose layers would be a good idea to adjust your temperature as you fly. Avoid wearing flip flops and jewelry at all and it would be advisable to wear your biggest, chunkiest boots in order to save luggage space.

Reserve a comfortable seat

One of the most essential tip to consider while on a flight is to think innovative and opt for a seat that offers more legroom and for exit rows. The best advice is to get online as soon as check-in opens to handpick the exact seat you want.

Prepare yourself for sleep

You will be on the plane for the equivalent of a whole day or night, so it is worth bringing a few long haul flight fundamentals. Invest in a good travel pillow and a lightweight blanket to make your sleep not so much with a neck ache.

Not too much cabin luggage

A few little extras certainly help! Always try to keep things travel-sized and to a minimum. There is nothing more stressful than carrying a big suitcase around the boarding area and trying to vainly stuff it into the overhead lockers. Make sure that you carry a cabin bag and a smaller handbag to carry your essentials.


Stretching your legs in a plane is not only necessary for your own stability but it avoids the risk of rising deep vein thrombosis. Stretch along and try to move every couple of hours to keep the circulation flowing in your legs and body.

Stay Hydrated

Aircraft cabins are often very dry places and the risk of becoming dehydrated is quite high. Drink plenty of water throughout your journey to avoid too much tea, coffee, and alcohol. Make sure you keep yourself well hydrated a sit affects your skin as well.

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