World Sleep Day: Recognise the importance of sleep

World Sleep Day: Recognise the importance of sleep

If it’s one sleepless night, nothing to worry about. Many of us experience trouble falling asleep at one time or another due to stress or illness. But if it happens often it could be a sign of sleep disorder.

Regularly having difficulty falling asleep is not a normal thing. If you’ve trouble falling asleep, you’re not alone. A huge chunk of the population is suffering from sleep disorders. Lack of sleep can take a serious toll on your mental and physical health and affect your everyday functioning. 

The science of sleep says a person should get a healthy amount of sleep. On an average, a person should get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep every day to feel rested and energized. Research shows that lack of sleep can make you sick. Like it or not, poor sleep puts you at risk for life-threatening diseases.  

On this World Sleep Day, know all the good reasons why sleep is important for you and everyone.

  • Good sleep improves your mind and body.
  • Good sleep keeps you relaxed, fresh and energetic. 
  • Good sleep reduces anxiety and the risk of depression. 
  • Good sleep helps to maintain a healthy body weight. 
  • Good sleep improves your memory and concentration. 
  • Good sleep improves your work performance and productivity
  • Good sleep makes you better, happier and healthier.  
  • Good sleep increases your life expectancy. 

This World Sleep Day 2020, recognise the importance of healthy sleep in your life. No amount of medicines or technology can ever replace what natural sleep can do to your body and mind. Good sleep is everything, so start observing your sleeping patterns and improve your sleep to live longer and healthier.

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