App developed to track Coronavirus cases district-wise

App developed to track Coronavirus cases district-wise

App developed to track Coronavirus cases district-wise

Mahindra Ecole Centrale students create India’s first district-wise coronavirus tracker

Necessity is a mother of invention and some inventions make your life easy. When the whole world is dealing with the deadliest coronavirus disease, while some people are making every possible effort to help the community.

India, the second-most populous country in the world is witnessing a huge spread of corona cases. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, India’s first district-wise Covid19 tracker named, CovIndia is developed to locate coronavirus cases in the country. The students of Mahindra Ecole Centrale College of Engineering, Hyderabad have developed this tracker under the guidance of its faculty.

CovIndia is developed by Raghav NS, Ananta Srikar and Rishab Ramanathan under the guidance of Dr. Achal Agarwal, Dr. Bharghava Rajaram, and Mr. Raj Narayanan.

CovIndia provides district-wise data of corona cases and can even be installed as a mobile app. The tracker can be helpful for people traveling within the country, so they can avoid virus-prone zones. Besides, it will also help policymakers and authorities to mobilize resources more efficiently to address the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. The tracker, CovIndia is available at

Covindia, India’s only district-wise COVID-19 tracker will help you track the spread and growth of this deadly virus in an instant.

Interested to know how CovIndia works? 

India’s first district-wise Covid19 tracker- CovIndia uses artificial intelligence to retrieve the relevant information from credible sources along with human intelligence to ensure that all data is verified before they claim a new case.

The website uses data obtained from reliable sources like the Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical Technology, and reputed news outlets. After thorough cross-checking and verification only, the data will be updated on the site. The team encourages its users to report any error in their data to ensure no false information goes on CovIndia., India's first-to-be-launched district-wise MEC built COVID-19 tracker helps you track the spread and…

Posted by Mahindra University on Monday, March 23, 2020

The new district-wise Covid-19 tracker will help people in India get very accurate information regarding their district and the neighboring ones.

The biggest attraction of this website is the time-lapse feature which is beneficial in showing people how the coronavirus is spreading geographically across the country. The website also provides the standard statistics like the total number of reported cases, state-wise distribution, etc. This app is updated regularly by a group of volunteer students.

Kudos to the Mahindra Ecole Centrale students for inventing such an informative tool for India during the Coronavirus outbreak!

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