When do you know it’s enough? You know you’ve tried, but the bubble of happiness hasn’t moved away from you to spread joy the way you intended it to.

Quarantined within the confines of your living quarters, your mind is still free to wander wherever it chooses. And this is how I’ve traveled down the path of self-discovery. So here’s some food for thought!

Some days you’re tired of trying to make someone else happy. They won’t become happy, because they don’t accept happiness. Their happiness is derived from a specific person and it isn’t necessary that you are that specific source of happiness for them.

Each day you wake up, you try to be a good person, a better person. But you don’t do it for yourself – you do it for validation. You crave for it, and once you get it you’re addicted to it.

Sometimes situations reverse the whole process. Instead of getting validation, you are just a sad element in other people’s life.

You have a pedestal in your life that you tend to lose, a perspective that goes away, simply because you invested so much time in someone else’s life. You’ve introspected to know it’s not necessary, but in the moment you can’t stop yourself from doing things for others. It’s possible that you’re still fighting for that validation.

People need People, but they don’t necessarily need you – don’t drain yourself emotionally. You might feel guilty of not being a respectful person, but don’t confuse your need for validation with your self-worth. Even if you don’t receive that validation, realize that you have done enough – be satisfied with yourself, Live Free. Know that you’re not a robot.

Nobody’s going to step in and determine how your life succeeds. Stop blaming yourself, stop thinking of what others think of you. Care for yourself. Love is the most powerful weapon humanity has. After all, compassion comes from love. Choose Self-love above materialism and profit, don’t let this powerful weapon go to waste.

I leave it to you – your choice, your decision. It isn’t that hard to make yourself happy, just clean out all the junk that’s lurking around you. At the end of the day, what we humans strive for is Personal Happiness. That is all there is to it. A friend of mine once told me, ‘you choose to not have a choice’. That’s a rule that probably needs fixing.

Pick up a book and read, go for a run, cook yourself a soulful meal – let your mind and soul take control, let your body take that much needed rest. Make yourself happy and the world will work how it’s meant to be. Peace out.

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