Bhojpuri artists aren’t worried about Coronavirus

Bhojpuri artists aren’t worried about Coronavirus

There is an atmosphere of fear around the world over coronavirus, however, the Bhojpuri music industry is in a different mood altogether. Don’t be shocked, but coronavirus has become a subject of porn for the Bhojpuri industry. Bhojpuri singers are making coronavirus a sexist and bizarre thing. 

Bhojpuri songs and videos like Lehenga mein coronavirus ghusal baTor Jawaani Coronavirus, and Hello Kaun Coronavirus are going viral on social media. What’s even more surprising is to see such music videos being viewed millions of times already and being widely shared by people.

Bhojpuri singers like Guddu Rangeela, Gunjan Singh and Pravin Uttam amongst others have released songs on the deadly coronavirus. Several netizens are criticizing them for being insensitive and creating racist and sexist songs on this disease. Well, these singers have crossed all boundaries of making fun of such a serious pandemic.  

Coronavirus is a respiratory illness, spreading fast and affecting people all over the world. While everyone else is worried and taking preventive measure, the Bhojpuri music industry is on a different track. As of date, multiple Bhojpuri songs have been made on coronavirus that lives and breathes online.

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