Turn your home into a virtual zoo with Google’s 3-D Animal Feature

Turn your home into a virtual zoo with Google’s 3-D Animal Feature

Staying home during the coronavirus pandemic can be boring. How about checking out lions, tigers, bears, and more without leaving the home? Sounds crazy! But it’s possible now. 

Thanks to Google’s augmented reality (AR) feature that can turn your home into a virtual zoo. Google 3-D animal feature helps bring the zoo in front of you. All you need to have is a smart device that supports the AR feature. 

Check the video on Google’s 3-D Animal AR feature. This 22-second short video shows how you can access them with a mobile search on Google and scroll down to the “Meet a life-sized animal up close”. Clicking the “View in 3D” button launches a model of the animal that moves naturally and can be zoomed in and out as per your requirement. Tapping “View in your space” places the animal in real life through augmented reality.

To use the 3-D Animal feature, android smartphones and tablets need to run at least Android 7.0 or higher while the iPhone and iPad will need iOS 11.0 or higher. Once your smart device is up to these specifications, it’s super easy. 

Search for animals on Google using your phone and select “View in 3D” to see them in your space.  Here’s How To Use Google’s 3-D Animal Feature For A Virtual Zoo Visit.

Many have started using Google’s 3-D Animal feature to bring zoos and aquariums close to their experience. Amid the coronavirus, this amazing feature is hit with parents to keep their kids entertained.

Launched last year, Google’s 3-D Animal feature has now added a bunch of more 3D animals that you can watch using AR. The AR animals that you can view on Google Search right now are Lion, Tiger, Brown Bear, Wolf, Cat, Cheetah, Dog, Giant Panda, Goat, Hedgehog, Horse, Shetland Pony, Eagle, Macaw, Alligator, Snake, Turtle, Angler fish, Duck, Penguin, Octopus, and Shark. Google could be working to bring more AR animal options in the future. Besides animals, on the educational front, Google also allows you to view planets like Mars, Earth, Pluto, among others.

Enjoy watching the 3-D animals in your living space!

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