12 Relatable Comics that show Struggles of being a Woman

12 Relatable Comics that show Struggles of being a Woman

Every woman is special in her own way but being a woman is not easy. There are many challenges that a woman encounters in her life.

Take a look at these comics below, each one tells an amusing but true story and perfectly depict the everyday struggles of a woman that will make you laugh hard. Not only these comics are interesting but they are insanely relatable. 

1.Excited for Haircut

Excitement to get a new haircut but after the cut when you miserably miss your old hair.

2.Hair Combing Problem

Losing hair while combing.

3.Top Knot Hairstyles 

What you expected, and how it really looks in reality. 


4.Rashes Post Waxing 

Dealing with the after-effects of waxing. 

5.Using Acne Face Wash

When the acne face wash does the opposite and makes your breakouts worse. 

6.Self-esteem is Under Attack

Feeling great about yourself at home unless around others who’re better looking.

7.Walking on Heels

Walking on heels is graceful but it’s painful too.

8. No Makeup is Perfect

When your makeup doesn’t look as flawless as it should be.

9.Buying a Dress Online

What looks good online doesn’t always look good in real life. 

10. Shape is Disappearing 

When you see the curves disappearing with a pant on.

11.Guilty for Snacking

When you try to control hard but end up eating more snacks.

12. A Star is Born

When you feel like a star but all you do is bathroom singing.  

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It’s not easy to be a woman. The battle is endless!

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